28 Sep 5 Do’s & Don’ts for a Hen/Stag party 

Organising a hen or stag do can be quite the challenge. We’ve put together 5 simple Do’s and Don’ts to make the planning a whole lot easier.

Do Plan Early

While most of us can organise a night out at a local level, planning for a large group with the probability of people you may not know can be a difficult task. At Bonnie Affair we can help you plan by suggesting activities to suit the whole group and give you enough time to collect payments thus avoiding stress and hassle.

Do get an idea of your numbers

It can be common for people to say to the best man/chief bridesmaid that they will confirm if they are attending nearer the time which can be somewhat mayhem, the last thing you want to do is book an activity and when then latecomers decide to join the event could by then be fully booked. Tips: have a deadline for final payments or leave it to us to chase the ones that are tricky to get a hold of.

Don’t ask the the bride or groom for help

The key to an excellent hen or stag do is all about surprising the bride/groom to be. They should know the basics of the night and that’s it. All you have to ask of them is to find out who is coming, arrange a date that suits and then get started or their ‘last night of freedom’.

Don’t make it too expensive

Whoever is organising the party has got to remember the number of people, and consider them too. Planning a weekend away can be costly thus working out a reasonable budget is the best way forward. We offer a wide range of fun activities that are very cost effective.

Do keep an eye on the bride/groom

The bride/groom are the most important people at the end of the day, so it is important to have a good time. The chief bridesmaid and best man should keep a quiet eye on them, especially if someone has the bright idea to get them shot after shot. Just like the wedding day itself, make sure they are well hydrated and well fed so that she can enjoy the night without going overboard and having to be sent to bed early.

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