16 Dec 5 Types of Stags

An array of different kinds of personalities descend for the Grooms last night of freedom.
Let’s take a look at the 5 types of stags you are likely to come across.


Testosterone filled lads compete to see who will be crowned as the champ!
There is always a forfeit for whoever is last, the suggestions below will separate the boys from the men!

Tempting ideas:

  • Bungee Jumping
  • Highland Games Challenge
  • Assault Course

Party Animals 

These kind of lads are only interested in a good booze up and why not? It’s not often you can get all your buddies together for a mass celebration.

Tempting ideas:

  • Bar Crawl Babes
  • Lap Dancing Bar
  • Life Drawing Class

Drink connoisseurs

Instead of bar crawl where you down the pints why not educate your taste palates and sample some fine Whiskies and Gins.

Temping ideas:

  • Whisky Blending
  • Distillery tour
  • Gin Tasting

The Foodies 

They say Food is the way to a mans heart well eat your heart out boys we have some tantalising scran for you.

Tempting ideas:

  • Curry Masterclass
  • Haggis Pakora Class
  • Man v Food Callenge

The Classic Gentlemen

The following type of men behave and display good curtesy conduct.  The fine gents are more likely to be participating in a spot of these typical excursions.

Tempting ideas:


  • Rond of Golf
  • Speedboat Tour
  • Fishing experience.

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