18 Nov Bonnies blogs – keeping it local

It’s becoming more popular by the year to have your hen and stag do at home on your own turf; not only will it save you precious pennies, but it means everyone and their granny can attend.

So, once the chore of choosing a location has been taken care of, the questions then begs – what to do?! HOW do you make it a legendary event?!

Luckily, at Bonnie Affair we have done all our activity research so we can confidently suggest local activities that suit everyone, and we mean EVERYONE! We cater for the teetotaller, the pregnant bride-to-be, the fussy eater (vegans, come at us – we fear you not!) and even someone of the *ahem* older generation (FYI – we have it on good faith that this bunch are normally the wildest of them all; we have even witnessed an old yin twerking, and like a champ too. Take them along at your own risk!)

Benefits of keeping it local

  • If someone in your group causes a scene you can pap them off home instead of dreading having them the whole weekend abroad
    (We all have one of THOSE friends!


  •  You can work out the price of things instead of trying to work out the conversion rate – how many pecetas, I mean euros is that, who’s got Google money converter on their phone? WHAT?! And leave no room for Snapchat?! Aye right…


  • No language barrier – call a black cab at the end of the night (the upside being many drivers are more than happy to detour past the ol’ McDonalds drive-through at 4am if you throw them a salty bag of cardboardy chips.)


Give us the challenge of helping you make this weekend memorable and save yourself the monotonous hassle of trying to work out how to please everyone. We just hope it’s memorable for all the right reasons… no tied-to-a-lamppost at-6am-situations. However, should you find this particularly appealing, we can attempt to organise this too. A roll of industrial masking tape goes a long way.


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