28 May Top Tips for Organising a ‘Sten do’

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Bonnie Affair’s Top Tips for Organising a ‘Sten do’


Sten Do’s are the emerging trend where couples shun tradition and host a joint celebratory party before their wedding. To some, this might sound like a mad idea and we understand that. But there is growing evidence that more and more of us are growing tired of traditional boozy stag and hen dos. Indeed, last year the Metro reported that as much as two thirds of Brits had admitted to dreading having to attend a stag or hen party, whilst an increasing number of bride and groom’s to be reported that the idea of a boozy night out had lost its appeal. Against this backdrop, it’s not so surprising that a growing number of couples have decided to try something different.


But how do you get a Sten do right? There is a lot to consider when you combine what used to be two unique celebrations into one. How do you make sure that both the bride and groom to be both feel like the night is personal to them without taking anything anyway from their partner? And how do you keep both sets of friends happy with one party?


To answer these questions, we’ve put together a guide to organising the perfect Sten do. Read on to find out our top tips!


  1. Focus on common interests


Let’s start with the obvious, focus on your common interests. For a lot of people considering a Sten do, it’s likely that they may already have strong common interests as a couple and perhaps even a pretty close-knit and mixed social circle. This can be part of the reason why Sten’s can work so well for some couples, because they remove the artificial division of the boys and the girls, which for mixed groups of friends can be a god-send.


But in order for your party to be a success, you’re going to have to find an activity that everyone can agree on. Not to brag too much, but this is where we can help. We offer a huge range of activities designed to meet a variety of needs. From Archery tag, to cocktail making or a highland games experience and everything in between, we can find an activity that will keep you both happy!


  1. Allow each other some time apart

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This might sound a little bit contradictory but hear me out. Sten parties allow for couples and friend groups to celebrate together. But if you allow for one separate activity during the day, it can really make the whole day a lot easier and more enjoyable for everyone.


So why not allow yourself to enjoy some whisky tasting with the guys or enjoy a quick dance class with the girls before meeting back up for an old school sports day (all of which we can help you organise). The key point to remember here though is that you can allow yourself a few hours to indulge yourself, it doesn’t all have to be shared!


  1. Involve your wedding party


Obviously, it’s your wedding and your time to shine. But for your maid of honour or best man, they might be a bit disappointed that they won’t be able to perform one of their main duties and organise the perfect hen or stag for you. To avoid this, why not involve them both in the planning process and see what a best man/maid of honour dream team is capable of!


  1. Have fun!


Last but in no way least, make sure you have fun! A Sten do, just like a traditional stag or hen party should be a fun experience that you can look back on for years to come. Don’t stress too much about it but make sure you organise it well in advance.


If the stress is too much for you or you just want to make sure that everything goes well, then we can help! Get in touch with us at info@bonnieaffair.co.uk for a free quote. We don’t charge a service fee and guarantee to get you the best price possible for any activities that you book with us!

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